Saturday, 19 November 2011

From the Vaults. Horrorfeatures

Back to the blog... but blog often comes last. Its more a note to self but feel free to nose my knows. Horror is important. Fear this, Blood on Satans Claw... Messy maids and hairy hands... this is very much in the vain of The Wicker Man, something pagan about its haunts... and a proper bit of Satan where the supernatural was lacking. And bless my socks, I have a LINK for you to watch it for free

This is the low down for all those that want straight talking...

Set in seventeenth century England, the film opens with ploughman, Ralph Bower, discovering a strange skull in a field. The skull is heavily deformed and has one eyeball attached to it. When the judge looks at it, he dismisses any fears about it as supernatural hogwash.

The judge's predictions prove ill-founded when later people start to sprout hair on their bodies and begin to behave oddly. The judge is called again, and this time he takes it seriously and swears to return when he has researched the subject of Witchcraft.

When he returns, he brings the full weight of his knowledge to bear on the great evil infecting the village.

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