Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Weng Weng, I Love You My Weng Weng

SO. This is pretty much the shape of whats pleasing me this week. Usually, theres a YouTube video left on repeat whilst I work. In the past we've seen the talking dog, monkeys riding dogs, freerunning dogs... but we've dropped the K9 in favour of Weng Weng. In the mould of a world famous average height high charisma special agent, Weng Weng is a 2'9' superspy working for the Philipino interpol. Enjoys fighting crime on the back of a mini moto, rocking a gat and a rocket pack... and loving disco!

I was introduce to Weng Weng by hip hop crew 'The Chuds'. Careful mind... the track and associated video are dangerously addictive. Check it HERE

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